PBA Offers Promotional Photo and Video Services for Members Under the Town “Buy Locsl” Program

The Portsmouth Business Association is working with Sarah Petrarca, who is a Photographer and a Social Media Manager. She has been brought on to work with the PBA on our website, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts and to highlight a monthly business with a photo shoot and a video reel that will be that will be placed on all social media platforms. The PBA is looking to promote our local businesses. There is not a charge for this photo shoot.
The Portsmouth Town Council approved funding for the Buy Local02871 Campaign, which is a new campaign that you will begin to start to hear more about. This has become a focus for the PBA as well as to increase the awareness of the town and the local establishments to the 25,000 cars that drive on East Main Road during the day, which increases to 30,000 in the summer.
You will be hearing from Sarah to make arrangements to stop in and take some photographs and video for the PBA which in turn will help to support your businesses in the town. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to one of our Board Members or you can reach out to me, Linda Bohmbach, directly at linda@homehealthsmith.com.