Portsmouth Business Association Annual Meeting June 21, 2022

6 PM  — Jon Richmond –Opening Remarks

Thanks to our gracious hosts Nancy Parker Wilson and her staff and family here at Greenvale Vineyards, they have gone through numerous renovations and innovations over the past few years and it is such an amazing venue!

Shout out to our entertainment for tonight!  “THE 40”!  The band is made up of Ray on Bass, Nick on Guitar, Alex on Drums, Tom on Vocals and Harmonica, and Kevin on keyboard.  Thank you all for this amazing night!


2022 Annual Meeting Order of Business


  1. 1. 6:05 PM Call to order. (Jon Richmond) (Quorum satisfied)


Minutes of previous meeting.


The minutes of last year’s (6-22-21 via zoom) meeting were available on the web site.

Motion and second to accept the minutes?”  Yes

No discussion

All in favor – unanimous

Opposed – none

Motion carried


  1. Report of the Treasurer.


Treasurer’s report presented by Kara Marley


Motion and second to accept the treasurer’s report

No Discussion

All in favor – unanimous

Opposed – none

Motion carried

  1. Reading of any communication received.

There is no communications outstanding


  1. Report of President
    PBA has been working hard to innovate what we do in support of all members We have been enhancing our Website in order to be more current and connected to our community with things like Facebook and constant contact, we have also been working with many different organizations to better represent Portsmouth and driving more traffic and visibility to all the many great business we have. We hope to continue to deliver all of these items plus more and we thank you for your membership, support and ask you to voice your feedback and be part of the board. Thank you and I look forward to enjoying the evening with all of you!


  1. Reports of committee chairs (if any)

There are no committee reports

  1. Unfinished business.

There is no unfinished business

  1. Election of officers


Report of Nominating Committee (R. Talipsky)

Recommend following slate of Officers and Directors for Vote at Annual Meeting

Officers for 2022-23

President – Linda Bohmbach

Vice President – Jon Richmond

Secretary – Michael Leverett

Treasurer – Kara Marley

Director terms to 2025: Karen Vebber, Nancy Parker Wilson, Jon Richmond and Kara Marley.

There are no other nominations from the membership.


Motion and second to accept the nominations

No discussion

All in favor – unanimous

Motion Carries


Motion and second to elect the slate of Directors and Officers

Vote:  All in favor – unanimous

Opposed – none

Slate of Officers and Directors is approved

Note that other (non-expiring) Director Terms are:

2023 – Linda Bohmbach, Michael Leverett, Rich Talipsky, (Vacant)

2024 – Sandra Dugan, Lori Marshall, Margaret McGreavey, (Vacant)


  1. New business.

Portsmouth Business of the year Award


This is one of the best parts of being President….  When we look at the past businesses of the years, we look to honesty, integrity, giving back to the community, business growth, impact on the community, employee satisfaction and strength during adversity…  This business demonstrated those and more.  With the impacts of COVID we all found ourselves at the mercy of health concerns, business shutdowns, political turmoil and uncertainty.  Many of us were overwhelmed, frustrated, concerned and looked for guidance to overcome and move forward. This company had the same feelings and operational challenges we faced but they also had so many more challenges, their customers and clients were of the most vulnerable population.  Their clients depended on the staff with their entire lives many of those clients who worked countless decades getting to this point in their lives where they had the extra care and comfort they deserved and many of their children and family entrusted this business for the care and safety of their precious family members.


For the extraordinary work, countless hours, love and care each and every staff member provided to their residents, we at the PBA would like to give ATRIA at Aquidneck Place the Business of the year award!


Sandra Dugan of Atria provided remarks

  1. Adjournment.


Motion and second to adjourn

No discussion?”

All in Favor -unanimous

All opposed – none

6:30 PM  Meeting is adjourned